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What are you going to learn?

What is cold email?

You will learn what can you achieve with cold emails. Whether it is for reaching your favourite CEO, getting back links or internship application

How to setup your email account for the best deliverability?

You have to setup your email address correctly in order to ensure your emails always land in Inbox

Warming up your email address

You will learn what is "warm up" and why it is important. Also, the recommended services for your use case

Setting up email campaigns

Setting up email campaigns are easy but there are a lot of things can go wrong. We will cover the basics and make your campaigns ready

Best way to make your emails personal

Personalization is the most important part of cold outreach. More personal, more better. It is a requirement to ensure less spam rate and more replies

Experimenting with different subject lines and body

You should always experiment new ideas and evolve your email campaigns. It is a never ending process but there few tricks to make it meaningful

Meet your instructor 👋

Hey, I am Onur.

I am the owner of NuReply and a real cold outreach addict! I have sent thousands of emails to people I admire, I want to work with and just for meeting.

I have generated more than $100k for my Software Agency just by cold outreach. I will teach you everything I know!

Cold Outreach Academy Instructor

Onur Genes

Cold Outreach Enthusiast

Learn Cold Outreach

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Learn how to reach out your potential clients, your dream company's CEO or land a new job. %100 FREE.

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Can I unsubscribe from your email course?

Absolutely. It will feel sad, but you can stop receiving emails with just a click.


Are you the best in that area?

I don't think anyone can be the best in this area. But I can assure you I have sent more 20k emails and I can teach you what works or not.


Do you provide coaching services?

Sure! If you want to learn more in this area with more advanced details, you can purchase coaching sessions below.


When will there be more templates?

Every month we release a handful of new templates for you to use in your application. Each template is crafted to perfection.

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